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Covid-19 Guidelines

Winter 2021/2022

Image by Tonik

COVID-19 guidelines Winter 2021/2022 


  • you must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth when you arrive at the clinic. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you. Once you are invited into the clinic room and only after your consultation will you be asked to remove your mask. 

  • all staff including your practitioner will continue to wear either a medical mask or visor for the duration of your visit. 

  • appointments for consultations are available via video call at your request.

  • we kindly ask that you come alone to your appointment if you can. 

  • you will be asked to complete a short form confirming you do not have any Covid-19 symptoms, that you have not been in contact with anyone who has confirmed Covid-19 and that you understand our Covid-19 policy. 

  • social distancing will be encouraged when possible.

  • hand sanitizer will continue to be available throughout the clinic.

  • your practitioner will take regular procautionary Covid-19 tests. 




We have the highest standard of hygiene and infection control within the clinic; however, we have outlined our procedures below. 


  • all surfaces, including (but not limited to) medical couch, desk, sink area, iPads and card machines are cleaned after every client.

  • we choose to not use bed roll due to the environmental impact but please know this does not increase the risk of infection.

  • your practitioner will wear medical grade gloves during examinations and treatments.

  • your practitioner will change his/her gloves if for whatever reason they touch something that is not sterile, including his/her mask, which will also be changed. 


If you require any more information regarding our policies, or have any special requirements, please get in touch via our “contact us” page. 

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